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What is Big Bazaar new name?

Big Bazaar new name, the popular hypermarket retail chain in India, recently underwent a major rebranding and changed its name to Big Bazaar 2.0. This renaming was done as part of a larger strategy by Big Bazaar’s parent company Future Retail Limited to revamp and reposition the chain to adapt to changing consumer preferences and compete better against e-commerce players like Amazon and Flipkart.

The new Big Bazaar 2.0 aims to provide a more modern, digitally-enabled, and personalized shopping experience to customers. Some of the key changes under the new brand identity are:

New Logo and Tagline: Big Bazaar’s new name

Big Bazaar new name old blue-colored logo has been replaced with a new vibrant yellow and red logo. The tagline has also changed from “Isse Sasta Aur Accha Kahin Nahin” to “Naye India Ka Naya Bazaar”. The new logo and tagline signify that Big Bazaar aims to be a modern, value-retailer for aspirational India.

Big Bazaar new name

Enhanced Stores: Big Bazaar new name

Big Bazaar new name stores are being modernized with sleeker layouts, newer fixtures, enhanced lighting, and more space. Digital screens, self-checkouts, and mobile POS have been added to provide a smarter in-store experience. The merchandise strategy has also changed to focus more on private labels, fresh food, and aspirational products.

Omnichannel Approach

Big Bazaar 2.0 is following an omnichannel strategy with initiatives like ‘Buy Online Pick Up in Store’, same day home delivery, virtual shopping through WhatsApp, and a more seamless experience across online and offline channels. This is to attract digitally-savvy millennial consumers.

Personalization and Loyalty Program: Data-driven personalization and loyalty programs will be used to provide customized offers and recommendations to customers. The existing ‘Big Bazaar Profit Club’ loyalty program has also been revamped to provide more targeted benefits to members.

Experiential Stores: Big Bazaar new name

New store concepts like Smart Bazaar, BB Express, and BB Café are being tested. These are smaller format stores focused on convenience, tech-led shopping, and experiential retail. Some flagship stores will also have more experiential zones, F&B options, and entertainment areas.

Promotional Campaign:

Big Bazaar 2.0 launch is being backed by a high-decibel marketing campaign with the tagline ‘Naye India ka Naya Bazaar’. The ads are youthful, humorous, and positioning Big Bazaar as a modern retailer catering to new age consumers. Bollywood actor Shraddha Kapoor has been signed as the new celebrity brand ambassador.

The rebranding to Big Bazaar 2.0 comes at a time when the retail industry is undergoing tremendous change. While e-commerce is surging, physical retail still constitutes over 85% of the market. Big Bazaar is trying to embrace new technologies and strategies to provide the best of offline and online retail. The aim is to appeal to millennial consumers who seek a more personalized, omnichannel, and tech-enabled shopping experience.

The first few Big Bazaar 2.0 stores have received quite positive feedback. Consumers are appreciating the change in store environment, merchandise, and digital initiatives. The challenge will be to scale up the rebranding to over 250 stores pan-India. The company aims to complete this by end-2024.

Big Bazaar new name

A lot will hinge on the execution. From ensuring consistent customer experience across stores to managing franchisee partners who operate many stores. Investments in store revamps and technology upgrades will also require significant capital expenditure. But market analysts are optimistic about the rebranding. Big Bazaar still has strong brand equity and this repositioning is a step in the right direction to make the brand more contemporary.

Big Bazaar also has scope for further innovation in experiential retail and private brands. It can also leverage its physical store infrastructure more smartly in an omnichannel setup through initiatives like BOPIS, hyperlocal delivery, and in-store pickups for e-commerce. The collection of consumer data and use in personalization will also be the key.

the renaming to Big Bazaar 2.0 is part of a considered strategic makeover by Future Group to make the hypermarket brand more resonant with today’s consumers. The early signs look promising but the real test will be in executing this transition smoothly across all stores while keeping customers, franchisees, and employees happy. If Big Bazaar 2.0 succeeds, it can re-establish the brand as a leading modern retailer in India.

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